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In life, nothing is ever completely smooth. One minute we are happy, and suddenly we find ourselves in a cyclone where nothing makes sense anymore. Can we find the center of this cyclone where we can be at peace despite terrible circumstances?


The answer is yes. If you are in pain, if you feel confused, if you are lost, you may find answers in this book, Spiritual Matter. The goal isn't to escape from suffering but to transcend suffering. We heal, we grow, we find an equilibrium when we overcome our reactive behaviors, and we become conscious. Hardship and pain make us cross that bridge between the ego the and authentic self or Soul. 


The metaphor I use to illuminate our healing path is a Chain of Consciousness made of three circles of consciousness: Fire, Love, and Light.  On this chain, we become able to determine whether we are operating from our ego, from our authentic self, or from an Infinite Mind, Source, Consciousness, or the name you give to God. We are all Spiritual Matter, even if we don't know it.







My book is available:

MATRIX     24" x 48"  61 cm x 122 cm    
LIFE FORCE   36" x 48" 
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