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MEET ME | Martine Bachelart, Artist Sculpture Painting | United States

Martine obtained a Bachelor in Architecture in Brussels. She studied Industrial Marketing and Emotional Intelligence.  She is a creative thinker, she is fascinated by the brain, beliefs, universe and the infinite possibilities we do have to change & grow.  She traveled on all continents & is advocate to cultural diversity.  Martine has always been present in the artistic field, design, painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography.  Already in 2008, her skills were recognized in Indianapolis Monthly Magazine.  Her career as architect & painter led her to work with the most prestigious businesses including bank branch & developers. For more than 20 years, she has also been involved in  the racing industry & Conquest Racing.  Martine is married since 30 years and has two children Eliott & Emilie. It is under the influence of her children that she has developed her passion for sculptures & her desire to pursue in the artistic field.


Her motto has always been  "Colors & Energy", she is a soul artist.  She paints heart emotions with poesy & symbolism.  Her confident use of bold color seems to light up the very spaces they inhabit.  As a true seeker & creator, she fabricates her sculptures herself from A to Z, including pouring and grinding. She considers the creative process as meditative and expanding. Some of her sculptures are I AM LOVE, I AM THE FLOW, I AM JOY, YES, MEMORY, WINDY CITY, RIVERWALK, ELEMENTS, MOTHER NATURE...And her paintings, I SEE THE STARS IN YOUR EYES or SOUND OF FREEDOM...She shares her energy & vision with friends, seekers, art lovers.  Life is like a huge bubble.



RIVERWALK at Kuaba Gallery, downtown Indianapolis

 Abstract sculptures in bronze, aluminum, iron and large sizes paintings in acrylics & mixed medias.  


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Commissioned Artwork, Corporate Art, Residential Acrylic Painting, Casting Sculptures in bronze, aluminium, iron.