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MEET Martine

Martine Bachelart obtained a Bachelor in Architecture in Brussels. She also studied Industrial Marketing and Emotional Intelligence.  She is a creative thinker and is fascinated by the infinite possibilities we do have to change & grow.  She traveled on all continents, joined a medical brigade in Honduras and Peru and has been volunteering  in orphanages in Zimbabwe and India.  Her inspiration comes from the richness of differences and her own existential questions. She has always been present in the artistic field and her skills have been recognized in Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. 


Martine moved to the United States in 1996, following Eric who was launching Conquest Racing,  a motorsports team. Martine and Eric Bachelart have two beloved children, Eliott & Emilie. In 2018, the most tragic event changed their life forever. This is the reason why Martine has two missions in her sights: creativity & healing heart. 

She paints with acrylics and loves to work on large canvas. The bold colors she uses in her paintings bring joy, high energy and optimism. Her paintings express the essence of hope, life force, unconditional joy & love. Martine also makes sculptures in bronze & aluminium using metal casting process. Her pieces are symbolic: I am Love, I am Energy, Memory, Waves of thoughts, Infinite Man, Light, Elements, Riverwalk, Rosa Alchemica, Illusion... Her work is constantly related to our own transformation, our boundless power and our natural inner beauty.


Her creative process is intimately related to her own healing. In fact, Martine wrote a book Spiritual Matter translated in French as Matière Spirituelle. In this book, Martine speaks about grief. She explains how healing springs from a deeper inner presence. Her books, her sculptures, paintings, her mindset and attitude remind us to never stop feeding ourselves from infinite love and from the unknown.










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