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MEET Martine Bachelart

Martine Bachelart Artist

Martine Bachelart is a trained architect, a painter and sculptor. She always found meaning in the invisible, subtle, symbolic or hidden. Born in Europe, Martine moved to the United States in 1996, following Eric who was launching Conquest Racing,  a motorsports team. Martine and, Eric Bachelart, her husband of almost four decades have two beloved children: their daughter, Emilie, and their son, Eliott, who died from an overdose in 2018 at the age of 26. Despite the addiction, the four of them stayed very close and truly loved each other.


When Martine tried --unsucessfully-- to guide and support her son, she faced all steps of a grief: denial, anger, despair, guilt, shame... To help herself and accept her powerlessness, she learned relentlessly from teachers and seekers met all over the world. In India, she began introspecting and faced her fears or limiting beliefs. She also discovered how healing springs from a deeper inner presence. When her son passed away, she had reached the stage of  acceptance and surrender. After the initial shock, she didn't broke in despair but she felt uplifted and filled with calmness and trust. Grace of love had touched her heart, and the glimpses of bliss she suddenly experienced made afterlife possible, even tangible. From that moment, she understood that something needed to be explained and remembered. But her metaphysical experience couldn't be narrated without her previous work done during a decade.


Martine recollected all the techniques she liked the most, and decided to structure those easy-to-apply concepts that nurture healing in one concept: the chain of consciousness which unfolds in three energy centers: Fire Love and Light.

 From that moment, Spiritual Matter was born and the design of the body of light too.

Her goal is to simplify how to detox, to ground, to align, to center, to tame ego mind, to connect with ego soul, and tune to afterlife.

Martine is no teacher or healer, in fact she likes to say that she doesn't "know" anything. This book is only the mirror of what received intuitively. Don't believe an author knows more or better than you! In fact, the ones who explains or writes are mostly the ones who need to heal their own scars. We are all on the same path. And Martine is no different! 


This book is about self-healing, awakening, transformation, consciousness and self-realization.It may help you to answer the existential questions. Who am I? Can I reach the other side and my loved ones in afterlife? How is hardship transformative? Can I change? What's ego, true nature, perception, reality? How can I transcend my pain in infinite love?  How does the concept  of attraction affect my hardship? Which practices can I do to heal and grow? What is awareness, consciousness?

 This book is Martine’s own journey through grief and how she found we are all Spiritual Matter. From catharsis, it becomes inspiration.

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