MEET ME | Martine Bachelart, Artist Sculpture Painting & WRITER | United States

Martine Bachelart Artist

My name is Martine Bachelart. I was born in Belgium, and moved in Indianapolis in 1996. 

After obtaining my Master in Architecture in Belgium, I studied Industrial marketing and Emotional Intelligence. At that period of time, my husband Eric Bachelart stopped his career as a driver and established Conquest Racing.   We permanently moved to Indianapolis with our two children, Eliott and Emilie.  Once in Indiana, Design, Painting and Sculpture continued to be my favorite tools of expression. I also joined F.C. Tucker and was able to work on rehabilitation & renovation projects. Check  Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, in the article: “Off the beaten track”.  Fourteen years later, we still enjoy the rural district  Traders Point neighborhood.

Today I want to raise awareness about addiction & mental illness' issues, and I try to offer comfort to the ones who are grieving.  Please, use this link, if you are looking for a center free of charge: THE LANTERN   or if you want to sponsor the organization.

I also recommend  LEAN IN RECOVERY  or  RECOVERY 2.0.     I met Tommy Rosen in California and Chas Kennedy from Lean in Recovery  is a longtime friend of our family.


Check also DO317      NUEVO    Arts Council of Indianapolis   or  Fun City Finder

Commissioned Artwork, Corporate Art, Residential Acrylic Painting, Casting Sculptures in bronze, aluminium, iron.