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In life, nothing is ever completely smooth. One day we are happy, and suddenly we find ourselves in a cyclone where nothing makes sense anymore. Can we find the center of this cyclone where we can be at peace despite terrible circumstances?


The answer is yes. And if you are in pain, if you feel confused, you may find answers in the book, Spiritual Matter. The goal isn't to escape from suffering but to transcend suffering. We find an equilibrium when we overcome reactive behaviors, and we become more conscious. Belief, self care, service and all creative activities allow us to meet unconditional love and joy.  We hold our healing power within. When we choose to rise above difficulty and trust, we are able to listen to our intuition, create, grow and glow.


The metaphor used to illuminate our healing path is a Chain of Consciousness made of three main circles symbolically represented by Fire, Love, and Light.  On this chain, we become able to determine whether we are operating from our ego, if we are guided by our authentic self, an elevated consciousness or the name we give to God. We are all Spiritual Matter, even if we don't know it. And art is a living proof, an expression of this unbounded essence. 


Click here to listen to a podcast Spiritual Matter with Cindy MacMillan "Exploring the seasons of life." Also available on Amazon, Spotify, Audible, Podcast Apple. Find the links by clicking on the logo below.


Book available:


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MESSAGE! Si vous avez commandé le livre avant le 18 Août 2023, Martine vous enverra une nouvelle copie, contactez-la ici pour demander votre copie. Un problème est survenu au moment de la publication. Martine s'excuse pour ce désagrément. Elle vous invite à jeter cette première impression. Merci d'avance.





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