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Martine will offer a workshop based on her life experience and her book Spiritual Matter. The date of the workshop will be announced at the end of March. The workshop will be free and open to anyone who is coping with grief or loss, facing a difficult situation, seeking introspection, or ready to learn, change, and heal.


Grief is a normal response to the loss of someone or something. This could include loss of a loved one, a breakup, the death of a favorite pet, an illness, an accident, a move or expatriation, a rejection, the end of a dream, the loss of a job or home, a stolen identity, a retirement, even the aging process. The loss or the end of something prompts a mechanism of grieving. 

In this workshop Martine will demystify preconceived ideas around grieving and encourage participants to recognize, embrace, and accept their unique emotions, reactions, and points of view. Grief has no specific duration and holds no expectations, but it follows a few main steps that help us to envision where we stand in the process. Grief may disrupt our habits, sleep, diet, relationships, work, or hobbies. But grief may also release some unknown wisdom, spiritual awakening, or enlightenment. Martine is here to show the treasure hidden in adversity and the seed of new potential engrained in pain. Her multifaceted approach inspires us to share, to express our feelings, and to reconnect with a possible future. 


According to the participants' needs or situations, discussion may cover how to: 

Rise above difficulty

Overcome emotional reactions

Surrender to something bigger than themselves

Accept, embrace, and find infinite love through their pain

Listen to their intuition

Learn the steps of grief and the difference between grief and trauma

Find equilibrium, peace, and joy

Revive their courage and strength

Nourish their vital force and energy

Find their center and healing heart

Revive their purpose and dreams and begin with one intention


Grow, expand, and transform

Redirect their life 

Feel how we all are "Spiritual Matter" by nature or essence


Martine transcended from deep suffering into infinite love when her son passed away. But to do so, she had to learn the hard way. The journey between total despair—almost madness—to this inner peace and equilibrium has involved self-examination and soul-searching. Martine created the innovative concept of a Chain of Consciousness when she realized that there was only one path between desperation, craziness and lightness, love: our level of awareness or consciousness.

Practically speaking, embarking on this path begins by observing our mindset, thought process, emotions, beliefs, and reactions, and by embracing our deepest,  intuitive, compassionate, and authentic Self. 

To easily explain from which plane we operate, Martine has organized this chain into three specific Circles of Consciousness: the circle of fire, the circle of love, and the circle of light.

These teach us to reflect and understand:


if we are essentially operating from our ego or story; if our perception is associated with materiality; if we feel pulled in different directions or sink into polarities ; if we overthink ; if we follow our instincts. This powerhouse —which we hold in our gut— dispenses our fuel, energy; and allows to fight, plan, act, live.



if we are also guided by our authentic self—an elevated consciousness nestled in our intuitive heart where compassion, energy, lightness, and inspiration naturally spring, and are enough. 



if we even trust a larger flow, higher power, infinite mind or wisdom, divine love,

or the name we give to God.


Try!  Are you mostly reacting, forgiving, surrendering...?!


When we expand and experience the different layers of consciousness, we reconnect with our innate boundless power, we see more clearly what we want, we develop our trust and intuition, and our lives unfold in a new direction as we receive more information or inner guidance.  


The main objective is to widen our angle of perception, feel our deepest being, and expand beyond what we know or what we think we know. Our own expansion on this Chain of Consciousness allows us to find relief, no matter the level of difficulty we are facing. All participants will leave the workshop with a bigger toolbox, including specific exercises and techniques to shift their behavior, rely on their intuition, discover unconditional joy and love, and broaden their scope of actions.

The change is in you. And everything is happening right now.

We all suffer. But most of the time, to avoid our suffering, we stay in denial, we forget, we freeze, and we blame. Without knowing it, we sit on a time bomb. To overcome a loss or traumatic situation, we need to face all our pain and fears. By discovering the source of our own limitless strength and wisdom, we have the capacity to transcend suffering and become free of any circumstance. 

Spiritual Matter is a practical journey to the depths of our body, heart,and soul, where we learn to listen, trust, love, work, inspire, share, accept, surrender, experiment, and grow. Highly practical, Martine's workshop will infuse you with hope, optimism, and joy. 


The ultimate goal is Absolute Happiness.

Please contact Martine directly if you would like her to design a workshop specifically for your family or community. And if you wish for a one-on-one conversation, please email her right here. Martine offers a free introductory coaching session to encourage ways to cope with grief and loss.


We are all Spiritual Matter, even if we don't know it. 


Our heart is our true healer.


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